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  Camsew sewing machine Cheltenham

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Typical industrial sewing machines

GC06930A-MD3 Direct Drive, Inbuilt Control Panel, Auto Thread Trim, Auto Foot Lift, and Dry Head Sealed Oil Sump.

All for $2,500.00 Plus GST.


New age thread trim industrial sewing machine 
NEW Simple to use control panel,
touch pad control.

Set: type of stitch, stitch length (No stitch Dial), with "Electronic Feed System"

Program: Impressive stitches for top stitch using stitch length, and reverse stitch, with "Electronic Feed System"

Set: Time saving, easy on the operator operations.

 Program: Change bobbin warning, and garment count.

Copy: Setting to USB device.

Enter: Advanced mode to configure for your type of work.
Typical Latest model

New Enclosed Gear Box. Simi Dry Head.

For over 50 years Japanese machines have been lubricated from an open oil sump, that is, the machine sat on top of the oil sump, but it was not sealed. This lubricated the machine very efficiently, Increasing top speeds with less noise, increasing the overall life of the machine.

This was fine when the occasional oil stain was not a huge problem, but for dressmakers, and particularly wedding dresses the occasional oil stain was a disaster. Now with the enclosed gear box, there is no oil to get out.


Adjustable 2 X led Lights.  Thread Nipper. Back Tack Switch. 5mm Stitch Length Set From Touch Pad  Built in bobbin winder. Built-in Auto Foot Lift. 
Adjust brightness to suit. No more birds nest at the start. Easy back tack within reach. Stitch stays where you set it. On top of the machine where it can
be seen. With handy knife to trim
 bobbin thread.
Foot can be set to lift on heel back, and auto on finish

No Hidden Costs

Price includes delivery, set up, 12 months on site warranty (Melbourne Metropolitan Area)

All other areas a $100.00 discount towards freight. 12 months return to point of purchase for warranty claims.

Model  Work Type  Stitch Stitch Length Bobbin Feeding RPM Foot Lift Work Area
Bed Dimensions
Needle Built
in light
Made In
GC6930A-MD3  Light-Medium  Lockstitch   0-5 mm  Standard. Electronic 4500  6/13 mm Knee Press   295 mm X 140mm    520X180cm  16X231 DBX1  2XLed. China  

Automatic Model  Stable Stitch
at Cross Seam
Electronic Feed Control Touch Pad
Needle Breakage Prevention No Birds Nest

USB Port


Operator Created Stitches   Lock Your
Exclusive Features    
Automatic Model  Thread Trim Back Tack
1 to 4 Start/Finish
Slow Start
Set Stitch Length from Touch Pad Max. Tack


Turn on/off

4 Bar Tack
Change Needle
Stop up/Down

Motor Type Output Power Amps RPM Made In
Typical Direct Drive Servo, Synchroniser, and top Speed adjustment. 550 Watts
0.6 HP
0.3 Top Speed Adjustable China