TYPICAL WR561-2 Digital Servo Motor 750 Watts .

The New Replacement for Clutch Motors.

Comes complete with synchroniser for needle positioning.

Adjust top speed from control panel.

Fits same mounting holes as clutch motor.

Smoother Speed Control.

Less Moving Parts (2 Bearings) No Brushes.

35% less Electricity Usage, Easy on the Environment, and your Pocket .

 Comes complete with  synchroniser, Pitman rod, Instructions, Belt guard, and Fitting hardware.

12 months return to point of purchase for warranty claims.

We set the machine to suit your requirements, and the machine comes complete with setting instructions should you need in the future to change any of the settings.

TYPICAL WR561-2: 750 Watts Suitable for heavy duty machines $244.00 Plus GST.

TYPICAL WR561-1: 550 Watts Suitable for light to medium duty machines $200.00 Plus GST.

Prices are a guide only, and subject to change without notice.

Note if you are using this as a replacement for a clutch motor it might not be practical to fit the synchroniser.

Plus Postage/Freight.

Ron: 0419 884 920 For postage/freight costs.

Motor Type Needle Position Model Type Volts Output Power HP RPM Made In Price + GST
TYPICAL Servo Yes WR561-2 Servo 200-240 750 Watts
1HP 4500 China  $244.00
WR561-1 550 Watts 0.75 6000 $200.00