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Typical industrial sewing machines

GL13101-2-ZD Automatic Direct Drive Blind Stitch with Thread Trim, Auto Clamp Lift.

 $2,000.00 Plus GST


New Automatics

Over the past few years industrial sewing machines have developed from belt driven to direct drive. With servo motor becoming more and more popular, and the effect that they are much smaller which makes them practical to install on machines. This machine makes time-saving features such as automatic thread trim, where the needle positions then the thread is automatically cut, and the clamps release the work so the operator can remove the work with a minimum of effort.


No Hidden Costs

Price includes delivery, set up, 12 months on site warranty (Melboune Metropolitan Area)

All other areas a $100.00 discount towards freight. 12 months return to point of purchase for warranty claims.            Find out More...

Model  Work Type  Stitch Stitch Length Feeding RPM Foot Lift Work Area Needle Price + GST Made In
GL131010-2-ZD  Light-Medium  Chainstitch   3-8mm  Drop Feed 2500  8mm Knee Press   255mmX 120mm    29:49
$2,000.00 China  

Motor Type Output Power Amps RPM Made In
Typical Direct Drive Servo, Synchroniser, and top Speed adjustment. 500 Watts
0.6 HP
0.3 Top Speed Adjustable China