How to purchase if your area is listed below.

Intrastate Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat. or any place between these cities and Melbourne.

 Interstate Sydney, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth.

We have mechanics/dealers in these areas. In most cases, we send the machine, and table flat packed to them.

They assemble the table, stitch it off, deliver to you, set up the machine, and get you started. (If needed).

You would normally be purchasing your machine from one of these dealers.

You need to contact me Ron on 0419 884 920, I will then give you, your local dealer details, and pass on your details to that dealer.

You can then discuss delivery and payment with the dealer.

Ready to proceed or your questions not answered here? Please feel free to contact me .

Ron on 0419 884 920 Or email me at


Ronnie : 0419 884 920