CAMSEW A Legacy of experience.

In 1968, Camsew embarked on its journey, initially operating from my home address and later from a shop on Chester Street in Oakleigh, a Melbourne suburb. Most people in that area would be more likely to remember my Eaton Street store, which was more central. With over 50 years of experience as a sewing machine mechanic, I dedicated myself to serving the diverse needs of sewing industry and enthusiasts.

Serving All Stitching Needs: My clientele spanned a wide spectrum, from home sewers to professionals in the clothing trade. Although most clothing manufacturing in Australia has faded into history, I take pride in continuing to support those who remain. Their trust in my business keeps the needle humming.

Global Reach, Local Roots: Over the years, I sourced industrial machines locally, ensuring access to a plethora of makes and models. But the winds of change blew from the Asia. We now import a selection of machines from China and Taiwan, proudly branded as Camsew and Typical. The latter, known for producing machines for Brother, Mitsubishi, Pfaff, Consew, and Seiko, has become a global giant in industrial sewing being the world’s largest sewing machine manufacturer.

TYPICAL A Stitch in Time.

Why has Typical risen so swiftly to prominence as an affordable yet high-quality machine? The answer lies in their unique position. Crafting machines for renowned brands has bestowed upon them invaluable experience. Moreover, their access to specialized machinery—courtesy of those very brands—accelerated their ascent.

Anecdotal Threads: As a former Brother dealer, I was accustomed to casual praises for their machines. However, when I introduced TYPICAL, the phone lines buzzed with excitement. Customers eagerly shared their delight, affirming the excellence of Typical machines. It dawned on me: they had purchased the machine because it was inexpensive, all they expected that it would do the job, but having used it for a short while they realised that this machine was up there with the brand names, that they had saved hundreds of dollars and in some cases over a thousand dollars.

Ronnie Camm owner Camsew and Typical Australia.

TYPICAL have several factories across China and in Vietnam.
TYPICAL Assembly-line Xi'an factory. TYPICAL Wanping CNC factory.