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        Australia's only authorised dealer for Typical Sewing Machines. 


About Camsew

Camsew was founded in 1968 working firstly from my home address, then from a shop in Chester Street Oakleigh a Melbourne suburb.

My background being a sewing machine mechanic with over 50 years’ experience.

Most people in that area would be more likely to remember my Eaton Street store, which was more central.

My business Served the needs of all sewing machine users, the clothing trade made up a large section of my customers, most of the clothing manufacturers have since closed, but I pride myself that the remaining ones are still being serviced and supplied by my business.

Over the years I have sourced my industrial machines locally, having access to all makes, and models, which I am still able to do, plus we now import from China a selection of makes and models which I sell under the established name of Camsew, and Typical who make the Brother, Mitsubishi, Pfaff, and Seiko machines.

This makes Typical the largest manufacturer in the world of industrial sewing machines. This means I and my customers have the choice of the latest models, have access to parts and technical data.

I do not import anything that cannot be backed by 12 months on site service, in the major cities.