Typical RK70 Round Knife Cordless Cutter.

Can be used for a variety of applications.

Power display.

Knife grinding device for sharpening knife.

RK70 $295.00 + GST.

RK100 $475.00 Plus GST. More...


Comes With: -

1 X Round knife 70 mm.

 1 X Spare round knife 70 mm included.

 1 X Battery pack.

1 X Replacement battery pack (small).

1 X Charging station.

No Hidden Costs.

Plus Postage/Freight.

Ron: 0419 884 920 For postage/freight costs.

 12 months return to point of purchase for warranty claims.

TYPICAL Max Speed Max. Cutting Blade Dia. Blade Shape Battery Voltage Wattage Size Material Price + GST Made in
RK100 More... 1800 RPM 30mm 100mm Octagon 10.8 Max. 12v 160W 300X280X100mm L/M/H $475.00 China
RK70   1800 RPM 25mm 70mm 330mm $295.00