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  TW1-1245 and TW1-1245V Synchronised binder.

Complete with bench, and choice of servo motors.


Typical TW!-1245 Industrial compound feed Synchronised binder model available.

Top load large bobbin.

Simi auto lubrication

Complete with servo motor.

Designed to do a days work everyday.
Compound Feed Typical TW1-1245/V Synchronised Binder Model.
Typical TW!-1245 Industrial compound feed
Typical TW!-1245 Industrial compound feed Typical TW!-1245 Industrial compound feed Typical TW!-1245 Industrial compound feed
Built in Bobbin Winder. Bobbin Case, and Large Bobbin 25 X 10mm  Safety Clutch
Prevent damage from thread lock.
Price includes delivery, set up, 12 months on site warranty (Melbourne Metropolitan Area)

All other areas a discount towards freight.

 12 months return to point of purchase for warranty claims.

TW1-1245 Compound Feed

$2,600.00 +GST

TW1-1245V Compound Feed Synchronised Binder

$2,800.00 + GST

All prices subject to change without notice.


Puller with top and bottom roller feed See More...   $1,500.00 + GST Package deal with machine.

Piping Feet sizes 1/8" to 1", Half foot for zips etc. Top stitch foot

Bench mounted led light

Australian made benchtop.


Comparison, Specifications, and Price.

prices are a guide only, and subject to change

Model  Thread
Stitch Stitch Length Bobbin Feeding RPM Foot Lift Work Area
Bed Dimensions
Needle Made In Price + GST
TW1-1245  M20  Lockstitch 0-8
Large 25X10mm Compound Feed 1800 14 mm Knee Press 26 X 12 cm
48 X 18
134-35 China $2,600.00
TW1-1245V M20  Lockstitch  0-8 mm  Large 25X10mm  Compound Feed 1800  14 mm Knee Press  26 X 12cm   48 X 18
134-35 China  $2,800.00

Motor Type Model Volts Output Power HP RPM Made In Price + GST
Ho Hsing Servo G60 200-240 600 Watts 0.8HP 3000 Taiwan Included