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  Camsew sewing machine Cheltenham

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GC6760-X-MD3: X-Feed, Direct Drive, Extended Arm, Auto Thread Trim.


Typical industrial sewing machine fully automatic All New X-Feed Read below about this unique feeding system.

Direct Drive (No Belt)

Extended Arm

Auto Thread Trim

Sealed Oil Sump,
No Oil Stains.

Designed to do a days work everyday.



work can be continuously fed, not stopping to allow the stitch to be formed. This makes the work easy for the operator to handle, also much longer stitches can be set for fine materials. When working on velvet or slippery materials on ordinary machines the top ply can end up much longer than the lower ply, with the X feed this is prevented meaning that you get a much more even looking finish to your work. 

Technical explanation 

the X feed is a combination of needle feed, and drop feed. Drop feed is what is found on the conventional plain sewing machines, the material feeds when the needle is out of the work, the work stops feeding while the stitch is formed. Needle feed work is fed when the needle is in the work, this can help prevent the two plies from slipping.

X feed combines the two, feeding starts with the needle in the work as in needle feed (See A above), once the needle feed is complete the drop feed takes over (See B above) this helps close the stitch in the material.


The result   of all this also means that the machine can work with a much lighter tension with less strain on the thread. 

Much longer stitches on fine material, up to 8mm. Much easier to work on Heavy materials such as Jean with thick cross seams.

Nifty All Purpose Tool Always on Hand Camsew Typical GC6730-X-MD3   Auto Lubrication
Sealed Sump.
Typical industrial Sewing machine automatic thread trim Typical industrial Sewing machine automatic thread trim   Typical industrial Sewing machine automatic thread trim
Typical industrial Sewing machine automatic thread trim   Typical industril sewing machine direct drive
Built in bobbin winder Full Featured Ho Hsing Control Panel   Ho Hsing Direct Drive,
and Auto Control


Price includes delivery, set up, 12 months on site warranty (Melbourne Metropolitan Area)

All other areas a $100.00 discount towards freight.

 12 months return to point of purchase for warranty claims.

 GC6760-X-MD3 Auto Thread Trim

$2,900.00 + GST

Prices are a guide only, and subject to change without notice.

Model  Stitch Stitch Length Bobbin Feeding RPM Foot Lift Work Area
Bed Dimensions
Needle Made In
GC6730-X-MD3  Lockstitch  0-8 mm  Standard  X Feed: Drop, & needle feed. 4500  13 mm Knee Press  330X 136mm   52 X 18cm 134

Motor Type Output Power Amps RPM Made In
Ho Hsing Servo 400 Watts
0.6 HP
0.3 4500 Taiwan