Typical industrial sewing machines

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  Camsew sewing machine Cheltenham

Used Industrial Sewing Machine in Australia

Bargains and Used Sewing Machines

Industrial machine are fully serviced, or reconditioned, Tagged, and tested for electrical safety, carry a 12 months on site guarantee, with delivery, and setup (Melbourne met. area, Bag closers not included)

All other areas a discount towards freight.  12 months return to point of purchase for warranty claims.

Complete with, bench, and motor.

Qty   Walking Foot & Compound Feed Price Plus GST
1 Typical... GC0303D Direct drive Walking foot new machine at a used price.   Over stocked on this model save $200.00 pay only $1,400.00 + GST, while stocks last.

1   CAMSEW GA 254 same as Singer 132K6 with long arm heavy duty sewing machine,   New bench and Ho Hsing servo motor, 12 months warranty. More... $2,000.00
1   Seiko STH-8BLD-3 Walking foot compound feed, complete More... SOLD $2,100.00
1 Typical TW3-P335BV Cylinder arm synchronised binder New machine at reduced price, still in carton Complete with Ho Hsing servo motor More... SOLD $1,000.00
Qty.   Overlockers, and Safety Stitch $600.00
1   Siruba 757F five thread safety stitch, can be used as three thread overlock SOLD  
1   Juki MO-2516 five thread safety stitch, can be used as three thread overlock SOLD  
Qty.   Bag Closers  
1 bag closing industrial sewing machine NEW Bag closer NewLong style at reduced price replaced by new model.

Qty.   Lock Stitch Plain  
1 Bernina Simi Industrial 850 Complete on bench with new servo motor. $850.00
1 Bernina Simi Industrial 850 Complete on new bench with new servo motor. $950.00
3 Juki style lock stitch Camsew DS-8780D Direct drive, plain machine complete new machine for the price of a used machine $900.00
1 Juki style lock stitch Camsew DS8700 This is one of those machines that got put aside, and as a result became shop soiled. New machine warranty. Complete with servo motor.SOLD
1 New but with scratch on top of machine new machine warranty.    SOLD $700.00
Qty.   Lock Stitch Automatic  
1 Typical GC6-1-D3E Automatic machine complete with Ho Hsing servo motor. More... $900.00
1 Camsew DS-9600 Used as New machine Fully Auto, Direct drive, Thread Trim, Auto foot lift, Stainless steel bed SOLD $1090.00
1   Reece S2 Buttonhole machine. $700.00