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  Camsew sewing machine Cheltenham



  GC20665L14-D2T4 Automatic Thread Trim and Reverse, Direct Drive Long Arm, Walking Foot Compound Feed, Top Load Bobbin.

See The Typical GC20665L14 Non Auto in Action....


Integrated European design concept.
High torque servo direct drive motor, delivers power (750 Watts), and excellent control at low speed  (2500 RPM.)
Led light, dimmable to suit operator needs. Handy quick reverse switch, and needle position.
Electronic thread nipper to reduce bird's Nest at start.
9mm stitch length, with stitch length lock to provide stable stitch length. Short stitch to long stitch without touching stitch length dial. vice versa.
Full featured control panel for automatic stitches. Plus sub control panel in easy reach, and knee press control for auto switching.
Climbing device, auto switching to increase foot climb for cross seams. Second thread tension switches on for thick heavy material.
Built in bobbin winder, and automatic lubrication.
Throat size 360 mm x 103 mm. (The area to the right of the needle)
Automatic foot lift pneumatic.
Typical GC20665L14-D2T4 $4,000.00 + GST.
Prices are a guide only, and subject to change.
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Price includes delivery, set up, 12 months on site warranty parts and labour.

In Melbourne, Geelong, Latrobe Valley, Canberra, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Brisbane.

All other areas a $100.00 discount towards freight,

 12 months return to point of purchase for warranty claims.

Walking Foot
Compound Feed

Full Featured Control Panel.
Easy to Adjust Climbing Device
Built in bobbin winder Ideally positioned sub panel for frequent stitch settings Stitch Length to 9mm
with locking device
Industrial sewing machine service
Model  Thread
Stitch Stitch Length Bobbin Feeding RPM Foot Lift Work Area
Bed Dimensions
Needle Made In
GC20665KL14-D3T3 M20  Lockstitch  0-9 mm  Large 25X11mm  Walking foot 2500  16 mm Knee Press 
and Auto.
360 X 103 cm     135X17  China 
Motor Type Output Power Amps RPM Made In
Typical Servo 750 Watts
0.75 HP
0.3 2500 adjustable. China

Automatic Model  Thread Trim Back Tack 2 Start Back Tack 2
Back Tack 4
Back Tack 4
Max. Tack


Turn on/off

6 Bar Tack
Change Needle
GC0313AD3 and CX