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Rent & Buy Used Industrial Sewing Machines

Flexirent...  new machines

In the current economic climate it is difficult to commit to buying sewing equipment. So being able to rent without commitment other than the first month, while at the same time you are actually buying your rented items is unique.

For example to rent a used $1,320.00 machine for 12 months, you would pay $258.00 for the first month then 11 monthly rentals of $117.00 GST inclusive no more to pay.

All prices include GST

  • Payout in the first month and pay no extra.   Red Tick

  • Payout after first month and save. Red Tick

  • Machine is yours after agreed payments, no balloon payout. Red Tick

  • Return the machine any time after the first month, and pay only for rented period. Red Tick

  • On site warranty service in the Melbourne metro. Red Tick

You can pay out the machine at any stage and save. In fact if you choose to pay within the first month you would pay no extra and your first months rental is taken off the price in the above examples. You can return the machine at any time after the first month, with no more to pay.

Remember so long has you rent the machine is covered by free on site service in the Melbourne metro. Area.

What you need to rent and buy:-

1 Photo Id (Drivers license) etc.

2 Machine to be kept in Melbourne metro area.

3 Have an MasterCard, or Visa credit or debit card, which you agree to be debited monthly for rent amount.

4 Sign a plain English contract, and debit agreement for credit card.

Need more info then see Contact Information.