Typical industrial sewing machines

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  Camsew sewing machine Cheltenham

      CAMSEW Boot Patch Shoe Repair Sewing Machines

All machines are Head Only, or Complete with special bench and servo motor.
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boot patch industrial sewing machine machine suitable for sure. Repairs CAMSEW

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boot patch industrial sewing machine for shoe repairs


No Longer Available,
Not Recommended.

Comparison, Specifications, and Price. Prices are a guide only, plus GST, and subject to change.        Top...

Model  Max. Thread
Stitch Stitch Length Bobbin Feeding RPM Foot Lift Cylinder Dia. Work Area Needle Made In Price + GST
GB-2972B M20  Lockstitch  0-6 mm  Large 20X10mm Walking foot 1000  11 mm 30X25mm Standard 135X17  China  $1,900. Complete
$1,500. Head
AK-2972  M20  Lockstitch   0-6 mm  Std Small 
Walking foot  1000  11 mm  30X25mm  Standard  135X17  China  $1,650 Complete
$1,250 Head